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Keeping you safe and healthy is one of our top priorities at Dental Realm ®.

One of the primary ways we do that is through our sterilization practices which ensure that our facilities and instruments are clean and our patients are protected from infection. We strictly follow CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines to fortify your protection. Not many people are aware of the risk of contracting serious infections like Herpes, HIV and Hepatitis from dental set-ups.

At Dental Realm ®, no patient is attended without using protective barriers of head cap, mouth mask, and gloves by the dentist. To safeguard our patients, protective eyewear, drape and shoe-covers are routinely used during dental procedures. We use the most sophisticated equipment available globally for taking X-Rays and routinely employ protective lead aprons and thyroid collars to safeguard our patients against potentially harmful radiation.

We ensure your complete well-being with our stringent sterilization procedure which goes as follows:

  • Every instrument is first manually scrubbed under running water with detergents and disinfectants.
  • Instruments are then cleaned in an ultrasonic bath before being dried and pouch-sealed.
  • The pouch-sealed instruments are then exposed to steam under high pressure in an Autoclave (“Instrument Oven”).
  • Autoclaved instruments are marked with the date of sterilization and stored until further use.
  • All the surfaces including dental chairs, light units, slab-tops etc are cleaned regularly with surface disinfectants.
  • The Bio-Medical waste generated in the dental operatory is carefully segregated and disposed off in color-coded bags according to the norms of Pollution Control Board, Haryana.