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Root canal treatment (RCT) is carried out when decay/infection involves the ‘nerve’ of the tooth leading to the following signs & symptoms:

  • Frequent, spontaneous & throbbing toothache especially while lying down.
  • Pain mostly occurring at night.
  • Sensitivity to both hot and cold.
  • Pus or abscess in the gums around the affected tooth.
  • A fractured/traumatized/broken tooth manifesting the above mentioned signs & symptoms.
  • At times, the advanced decay renders the tooth dead/necrotic. In these cases, no symptoms are present.

How and why do we do a Root Canal?

The decision to perform a Root Canal treatment depends on various factors:

  • The extent of decay.
  • The prognosis/outcome/success rate of the treatment.
  • Clinical and radiographic findings (X-RAY).
  • Patient’s needs & consent.

Extraction vs Root Canal Treatment

Performing Root canal is the treatment of choice to save a tooth after decay has involved the nerve of the tooth leading to irreversible damage. It is a myth that the solution for a painful & decayed tooth is removing the tooth (Extraction), but what is not realized is that extracting a tooth will ultimately cause significant problems for adjacent teeth like bone loss, abnormal tooth movement etc.

The 3 steps to a pain-free, long-lasting tooth:

  1. Clearing the root canals of all the infection, debris & bacteria and irrigating the canals with medicaments.
  2. Filling the root canals with medicated dressing which prevents further infection.
  3. Permanent filling and replacement of crown/cap to restore the tooth to it's functional form.