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Little smiles matter a lot!

Does your child hate going to the dentist so much that you want to avoid going at all? You’re not the only one. Several parents avoid seeing the dentist for their child because of their kid’s anxiety or fear. Some children are worried about pain or feeling embarrassed. Others could have Dental phobia. No matter what is causing your child stress, oral our dental team can help. Our experienced doctors are adept at handling children with warmth and compassion. We strive to provide a friendly, safe and enjoyable experience for the wellness of your kids. We perform all the preventive, interceptive and corrective treatments for children with smile and care. These include routine check-up, treating decay, correcting irregular teeth, regular fluoride applications to prevent decay and nutritional counselling.


Ideally, the first dental visit of your child should be followed by the eruption of the first tooth i.e. before their first birthday. Milk teeth, though temporary, require equal and in fact more care. There is a world of difference between the dental care of adults and kids. Milk teeth are more prone to decay because of lack of proper brushing ability of kids, and relatively thin layer of enamel. Infection from carious milk teeth can easily affect the developing permanent teeth beneath the milk teeth inside the bone.


  • Fluoride Application :
  • Application of fluoride varnishes at regular intervals strengthens the tooth structure by incorporating fluoride ions into the structure making them more resistant to acid dissolution. Not only do the permanent but also milk teeth benefit from fluoride treatment.

  • Pit and Fissure sealants :
  • The chewing surfaces of teeth are never flat. They have in fact certain grooves called Pits and Fissures which serve as potential traps for food and bacteria making the teeth susceptible for decay.
    Pit and fissure sealants seal these fissures of milk teeth thereby preventing food accumulation and acid attack by bacteria. The safety and effectiveness of pit and fissure sealants as a decay preventive measure has been confirmed by the American Dental Association.


  • Root Canal Treatment in milk teeth :
  • In cases where tooth decay extends deep into the nerve portion of the tooth it might be necessary to perform a root canal as described for the permanent tooth. It might still be considered as a better alternative to tooth extraction as saving milk tooth will not only improve chewing but also serve as natural space maintainers for the proper spacing and alignment of the permanent teeth.